Building, maintaining, and distributing your Design System

Leveraging Abstract to manage and distribute your design system opens up the process to everyone on your team. We’re sharing a collection of resources to help you build your first Design System or your fiftieth.

Features to help build, maintain, and distribute your Design System

A source of truth

Abstract is your centralized place for design files. See the history of your work with branches, commits, and merges. And track every decision with comments and annotations.

Where can I get this file?” is a common question you’ll hear from the mouths of new designers joining just about any team. Alan says a successful onboarding process requires documentation and resources, and Abstract saves time by serving as a single source of truth for complex design systems.

Alan Weibel

Share your designs

Conduct virtual design reviews and share work with stakeholders, using Collections.

One of my favorite features in Abstract is Collections — I love how simple it is to grab screens from different files (in Master) and be able to compile them for a presentation at any given time for early feedback or even reference once a pattern has been completed and documented.

Kevin Smith

Anyone can contribute to the design system

Use Review Requests to give feedback on designs and document approvals.

We use Review Requests to make sure that what is getting put into the system is actually constructed the right way and meets all of the requirements that we have around accessibility. We’re able to close the feedback loop, directly on the work that is happening.

Allison Shaw

Making your Design System Equitable

Abstract distributes the hard work of design system management across everyone who touches the design system.

With our Git-based platform, there’s no need to limit the number of voices in order to prevent chaos. Abstract’s Branch-based version control makes space for everyone to be heard. Design decisions can belong to all of us.

Sean Catangui
Design Advocate at Abstract