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Our philosophy

Abstract brings the power of collaboration into product form, replacing silos with transparent systems that make life (and work) better for designers. Abstract, 
as a product and as a team, is about including a wide range of ideas and voices so we can build something remarkable.

Meet our people

I’m able to bring my authentic self to Abstract and celebrate my race and sexuality, rather than be judged by it.

Jordan Parker
Senior Strategic Account Manager
Pittsburgh, PA

Abstract’s remote-first culture enables me to explore new ways to reach my full potential.

Enrique Novoa
Software Engineer I
Austin, TX

Abstract encourages me to think like a CEO. I like having the space to take risks and learn.

LaShaun Williams
Director, Product Marketing
Atlanta, GA

Abstract gives me an opportunity to work on fascinating projects and develop my skills in a vibrant and supportive community.

Davie Xie
Software Engineer – Front End
San Francisco, CA

I feel empowered to learn and grow while being supported by a diverse and talented team.

Keith Hunter
Staff Software Engineer
Greenville, SC

From relocating to a new state to taking on the responsibilities of a new role, I’ve always felt supported by my team.

Daina Lightfoot
Creative Director
Denver, CO

I’ve lived in six states and enjoy bringing different people together. I love helping to build a company that makes this possible.

Aditya Khargonekar
VP, Business Operations
Oakland, CA

We take care of our people

Work from anywhere

We believe in the freedom to live and work wherever you want. That’s why over 80% of our employees skip the commute and join us online from home offices, carpool lines, or on their travels.

Live and work sustainably

We believe in taking the time you need to be a real person outside of the office. Whether that’s taking a family vacation to Disney or visiting the ruins of Egypt solo, our people recharge their batteries with unlimited paid time off.

Care for your family

We believe in supporting our families at all stages of life. For new parents, we offer 10 weeks of paid parental leave to bond with their new child. And we offer pre-tax FSA dollars to help you support family members who depend on you.

Build your wealth

We believe our team deserves a stake in what we’re building. We offer an equity grant with options that vest throughout your career at Abstract, free wealth management support, and a 401K savings plan.
Abstract distributed team

Working remotely allows me to skip the daily commute, which gives me more time to invest in those who matter the most to me — my family.

Tray Wilson
Account Executive

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