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Beyond the artboards

We're on a mission to transform design.
We believe in seamless collaboration, being recognized for all your work, and
the magic that happens when everyone is actually on the same page.

Trusted by thousands of companies of all sizes and industries

From outputs to outcomes

Photo of Abstract CEO KJ Erickson

Abstract started from a question. Specifically, "Why don't designers have proper version control?" And so our first product was born: a tool to manage, version, and document design files in one place.

Since our 2017 launch, Abstract has been the leading platform for file-based design collaboration, helping more than 7,000 companies improve their workflows.

Today, we build products to support the huge portion of a designer’s job that isn’t drawing, kerning, or prototyping. Because design teams deserve their own space to collaborate.

Welcome to Abstract, the design intelligence platform.

Collaboration is more than shared cursors

Modern design tools have given us more ways to create visuals, yet little help when it comes to actually collaborating.

Looking at what goes into a design job—resourcing, design, feedback, delivery— it becomes clear: We don’t need more tools. We need one place to collaborate and make design more visible to the entire organization.

Abstract is that place for tracking tasks, reviewing designs, and measuring what works.

I’m ready for feedback
Designer requesting feedback on a new user flow in Notebooks

Design-focused, by design

Working at Abstract is an opportunity to create, problem solve, and collaborate with the most curious and innovative minds in the business.

Brand assets

Looking for our logo or a brief description of Abstract? We got you.

Our logo

Our mark is the main point of interaction with the Abstract brand. It’s “abstract,” but always pointing and pushing forward.

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So what is Abstract® anyway?

Glad you asked. Here are a few ways to answer that, depending on which situation you find yourself in.

One-floor elevator ride

Abstract® is a design intelligence platform that helps teams gather requirements, review designs, and continuously measure what works, all in one space.

Multi-floor elevator ride

Just like Product and Engineering, design teams deserve their own platform for more intelligent collaboration throughout the design process. That’s why there’s Abstract®: a shared space for gathering requirements, reviewing designs, and continuously measuring what works.

Abstract® is purpose-built to help designers gather and share context, track and assign work, tackle feedback, and ultimately deliver amazing products. The right process and platform make it possible for design teams to create to their full potential — because just looking at the same thing does not translate to being on the same page.

Aliens invading earth

Kinda strange to get this question given the circumstances, but if asked: design intelligence!