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Big little updates: Notifications on web

Keep calm with a bird’s-eye view of your team’s design work.
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Big little updates: Notifications on web

The design process isn’t a straight line. And whether you’re an individual contributor or a design leader, it’s easy to get lost in a mess of disorganized files and never-ending Keynote presentations. With our latest release, we’re bringing a little more calm and a lot less frenzy to your product design team. Abstract 85 ushers in improvements in transparency to give you a clear bird’s-eye view.

News from the inside (of your design team)

We know that in order to bring stakeholders into the design process, visibility is critical. That’s why we’ve focused on improvements aimed at making communication around design decisions easier. We started by bringing Notifications to the Abstract web app. Now, stakeholders, non-designers, and PC users can stay in the loop with their design team without having to download the Abstract desktop app. We didn’t stop there — we made Notifications easier to scan with brand new iconography and unread notifications pinned to the top of the Notifications list. 

image of the new notifications drawer on web

Additionally, look out for improved email communications to help Admins stay on top of what's happening in their Organization. Now, when someone requests Guest access to a project, Admins will receive notice via email and can decide to grant access with one click. We now also let Admins know via email anytime a Member leaves or is removed from their Organization.

Follow the design process, even if you're not designing

After notifications and email communications, we turned our attention to the other news hub for your team’s work: activity feeds. We’ve made browsing these feeds even easier by replacing thumbnails with preview images large enough to glance through. This scannability eliminates the need to tediously open each thumbnail to see what Darren really meant by “Everything needs to be updated.

image of the new larger preview images in activity feeds

Setting you up to merge with confidence

If you regularly work in Abstract offline, you may notice a slight change to your workflow with this latest release: It’s no longer possible to merge while offline. We made this decision in order to a) improve the user experience (goodbye, diverged Branches) and b) lay a secure foundation for upcoming enhancements to the Merge experience (hello, permissions).

When you do go to merge while online, take advantage of a few new tools we’ve rolled out — zoom and pan for Artboards — to take a closer look before updating from Main.

Have you heard? We’re launching support for Adobe XD. Join the private beta waitlist and be among the first to try it out.