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Same Page: Exploring a design-first product process

An series of open conversations with all the folks out there building products.
Same Page: Exploring a design-first product process

We've said it before: Just because we’re all looking at the same thing doesn’t mean we’re on the same page.

At least, we don’t think so. 

Product development is at a turning point. Increasingly complex and collaborative teams need radical transparency to gain alignment and share context. The processes that underpin a great product build are spread across multiple tools, often making the work invisible to the teams giving feedback. 

Getting on the Same Page

At Abstract, we’ve been exploring what an ideal product development process looks like. One that gives design not only a seat at the table, but also puts design in the driver's seat. And provides a real source of truth for the entire team.

And we can’t do that alone.

On May 13th, we’re launching Same Page: Exploring a design-first approach to product. In six interactive sessions, we’re featuring the pioneers from different parts of the product building ecosystem who are helping to build a new and better way of working together. 

Every other week, two guest speakers will share lessons learned, and talk about how to conquer obstacles as we embark together on a design-minded approach to building first-class products.

By attending any or all of the events in the Same Page series, we encourage you to be an active participant in these conversations. Share your perspective and experiences throughout each show. Our hope is that we’ll be able to collect and share how a collaborative, context-driven approach can work in 2021 and beyond.

Join the conversation every other Thursday starting May 13. 

Process Pages

As part of the Same Page event series, we’re asking participants to share their Process Pages. Process Pages is what we’re calling those first few drafts at the start of every project — whether they’re scribbles in a notebook, bullet lists in a journal, wireframes on an iPad, or diagrams on a whiteboard.

Process Pages is an initiative that encourages reflection on how we work on projects together. If we can bring people into our process sooner, we can make better products. How do you document and share progress on decisions, handoffs, gathering support for new ideas, and getting sign off on reviews to move your projects forward?

Start submitting your Process Pages by sharing your photos or screenshots on social media with the hashtag #ProcessPages or by email. For more details on how and why you should share, attend our first Same Page event on May 13. 

We don’t have all the answers

This isn’t your standard webinar, Same Page is an interactive event where participants contribute. This is a sharing space. A place to listen and be listened to. We don’t have the answers, but we have the will to find them. 

Join us and help us build this process together, and register for Same Page.