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An open letter to Design

Looking at the same thing does not translate to being on the same page
An open letter to Design

Great design is more than just good visuals, and yet no tool empowers designers with more agency over their work or allows them to demonstrate value beyond drawing.

Isn’t it time we change that?

We’ve already given Engineers and Product Managers more intelligent ways of working: Pull Requests, Issues, and Epics are how these teams align on what matters and share their work for input and approval.

But the information that underpins a design is instead spread across multiple tools and often invisible to the teams giving feedback on the work. How can anyone make progress when context is all over the place and collaborators are not aware of each other’s input?

This is a suboptimal set-up that leads to suboptimal outcomes—for everyone.

Code isn’t reviewed in an editor, but in purpose-built platforms where conversations are informed by shared context. Likewise, designs should not be planned or critiqued in drawing tools.

Looking at the same thing does not translate to being on the same page. Just like Product and Engineering, Design teams deserve their own platform for more intelligent collaboration throughout the design process.

We call it Design Intelligence.

See it first 👀