Introducing comment replies and email notifications

Staying on top of conversations in Abstract just got a lot easier.

Introducing comment replies and email notifications

We know that getting a design project over the finish line requires keeping all team members up to date throughout the entire design process. To that end, we’re introducing two highly requested features: inline replies to comments and email notifications. Whether your team lives in Abstract or you just jump in to review or comment, keeping up with the conversation is now even easier.

Introducing Comment Replies and Email Notifications

Replies to comments and annotations

Replies to comments help keep the conversation organized and easy to follow. You can reply to comments on branches, layers, and from the activity feed.

Wherever comments appear in Abstract — on a layer or branch — you’ll now see “reply” as an option below each comment. This allows you to respond directly to that particular comment, making it clear where in the conversation your reply applies.

Abstract design comments and replies

With comment replies, the activity feed becomes even more powerful. Replies are nested under their parent comment, so you always have necessary context.

Never miss a notification in Abstract

Now, even when you’re not working in Abstract, you never have to worry about missing a notification from your team. With email notifications, any time someone @mentions you, you’ll be notified directly in your inbox. No more anxiety that you’ll keep your teammates waiting while you’re away from your desk. Clicking the Abstract link in a notification email will bring you to our mobile and desktop optimized web application where you can respond directly.

Abstract email notifications

Already keeping up just fine and don’t want to receive notifications via email? Not a problem. You can turn email notifications on or off in your Personal Settings, under Notifications.

Go ahead and give comment replies and email notifications a try, and as always: let us know how you like the new features and share any ideas you have to make them even better.

To see a full list of all changes in this release, check out the release notes.

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May 15, 2018

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