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Notebooks bring
all of your design

Align, clarify, and communicate with your entire team through the whole design process

Joebert Beziér Profile Image

Joebert Beziér requested a review

Hey team, put together some ideas sparked from our design review. Thoughts?

Mika Sharpe Profile Image

Mika Sharpe

❤️ the movement here. Can we incorporate different aspects of the design process?

Joebert Beziér Profile Image

Joebert Beziér

Great idea 👆

Darren Stuff Hero Image

Darren Stuff

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Changes Requested

This is great 💯 Let's make this a little wider to accommodate the size of the text.

Aari Page Profile Image

Aari Page

Approve icon


It's like a home for the design process 🤩

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Do less busy work. Get more alignment.
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Designer holding laptop on yellow backgroundBranches UI snippet

Branches: True version control for Sketch files

Abstract’s original offering, version control for Sketch files, allows you to collaborate without overwriting each others work.