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Release Notes

October 28, 2021
Updated Slack Integration for Notebooks

The updated Slack integration for Abstract Notebooks automatically shares notifications for notebook reviews to one or more of your Slack channels of choice, and unfurls Notebook links pasted into Slack.

July 15, 2021
Resolve comments

Notebooks Contributors can now resolve individual comments made by themselves or others within a Notebook to indicate that the comment does not require further conversation.

June 30, 2021
Link Content Back to Figma

Get back to your original Figma file right from your notebook. Users can now link a Figma frame to a file, and Abstract will link all frames from that file across the organization.

Learn more here.

June 23, 2021
Paste images into Notebooks

Paste Images

  • Users can now paste images from their clipboards into their notebooks - no more saving content to your desktop!

Branches Pro administration

  • Updated billing plans to include Branches Pro plan.  New Branches organizations can now self-administer and select this plan, which allows unlimited Contributor seats to be added.

June 15, 2021
Project and template updates

Improved Notebook Template Selection

  • We've improved the experience to select a template when you create a notebook.

Project naming conventions

  • Changed project naming conventions to remove restriction on project name uniqueness.

June 8, 2021
Interactive images

* Elevated static images to behave in the same way as imported artboards - users can now double-click to see the detail view and add comments and annotations to new images.

May 18, 2021
Notebooks Open Preview

Figma and Sketch plugin updates

  • Only show projects with notebooks that you can make updates to.
  • (Sketch only) Adds support for dark mode.

Jira integration

  • A new Jira integration connects design and development work together in a Notebook.
  • See the status, priority, ticket name, and last updated date of Jira ticket links inside Notebooks.

New onboarding experience

  • New users will now see a pre-made Notebook in a private project, walking them through the key features and capabilities of Notebooks.

Comment edit indicators

  • If a comment it edited and updated, users will see the text (edited) inline with their comment.

Moving Notebooks between projects

  • When needed, users can now change which project their Notebooks lives in to better organize their work.

Activity timeline

  • The series of Notebook updates, reviews, and comments are available by clicking the activity icon in the upper right corner of the Notebook. Activities include the user making the change as well as the time it occurred and repeated events are consolidated into a single activity.
  • For example, if you left 5 comments in a notebook, 1 comment activity will be logged to note that you've left 5 comments. Activities will be rolled up for Notebook content updates, frame additions and updates, and when adding reviewers.
April 26, 2021
Weekly Insights email

This week, we began sending a weekly email which gives an overview of Notebook activity in each organization. The email includes:

  • Notebooks that require attention (because of outstanding reviews, inactivity, or a notable change in status)
  • Most active notebooks in the last week
  • General activity counts in the last week (Notebooks opened/closed, and Reviews opened/closed)
April 9, 2021
Annotated comments

Create focused comments and collaborate using annotations on imported Figma/Sketch frames

  • Click [A] for a quick shortcut to create either a single-point or rectangular annotation.
  • On/off toggle to temporarily hide annotations from view.
  • Click an annotation box to scroll its associated comment into view.
  • Edit an annotation after you’ve submitted your comment by editing the comment.
March 26, 2021
Comments in reviews

We've added the ability to post comments in review threads, making each review more interactive and iterative

  • Any Contributor can comment in a review thread without having been requested for a review.
  • Requested reviewers are able to comment and optionally submit their review as Approved or Changes Requested.
March 12, 2021
Sketch plugin for Notebooks now available

We’ve released a new Sketch Plugin which integrates directly with Notebooks.

  • Add and arrange designs directly from Sketch into beautiful presentations that display your work and the context behind it.
  • Access all your Notebooks from within Sketch, and publish any artboards or components you’ve worked on in one click.
  • Update all your work in Notebooks in a single click, without leaving Sketch or having to rearrange or recreate presentations of your work for review.
March 15, 2023

Performance upgrades and bug fixes

February 22, 2023

This version includes minor bug fixes and performance improvements

February 7, 2023

Compatibility with new Sketch version 95.2

January 25, 2023

This version includes security updates and minor bug fixes

December 7, 2022

Bug Fixes & Updates

  • Fixed "infinite loader" bug when a) creating collections in projects without files, and b) clicking the COMMIT link from component preview page.
  • Upgraded macOS desktop app to use Electron v21 (recommended).
November 16, 2022

Bugs Squashed:

  • Fixes a critical issue that doesn't allow you to resolve Branch Conflicts when selecting Artboards while updating your branch from Main (Master).
  • Fixes a bug which causes dozens of pesky "Generating preview" messages to stack up while importing large Sketch files with many elements.
November 9, 2022

Fixes incompatibility issues with Sketch 94, including the creation of new Sketch files via Abstract

October 25, 2022


  • Fixed issue where Macs with M2 chips running Abstract would continue to use CPU power even after quitting the app.
  • Fixed problem where in certain edge cases, the Branch name displayed on review-related comments & notifications could be wrong.
  • Debug Logs now accurately capture all MacOS versions (including many older OS versions)


  • "Master" branch renamed to "Main"
  • Artboards with custom names no longer erroneously lose their name upon switching their default Sketch artboard template.
  • Auto-deleted preview images from old project branches & collections now restore faster.
  • Removed functionality to add new or edit existing Adobe XD files (no longer supported).
October 14, 2022

Fixes issues preventing users from creating branches & opening files while running Abstract on Macs with M1/M2 chips.

October 13, 2022

- "Master" branch renamed to "Main"
- Artboards with custom names no longer erroneously lose their name upon switching their default Sketch artboard template.
- Auto-deleted preview images from old project branches & collections now restore faster.
- Removed functionality to add new or edit existing Adobe XD files (no longer supported).
- Upgraded app from using Electron v8 to v10.

September 14, 2022

Speed and stability upgrades