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Video: Building a home for your files in Abstract

Get organized and speed up your workflow.
Video: Building a home for your files in Abstract

Projects represent what you’ll build in Abstract. How you choose to organize your Projects is an important first step of establishing a source of truth for you and your team’s design work.

Based on your goals, you’ll want to decide if you want to structure your Project by platform or feature. We also recommend using Abstract as the source of truth for your design system (more on that soon).

Here’s a video to give you a quick overview of how to add files and Libraries to Abstract, and set everyone on your team up for success. We’re also going to show you how to create Linked Libraries so you can share Sketch files across Projects and speed up 🏃‍♀️ your workflow.

P.S. Check out our brand new 🚀 Getting Started Guide to brush up on the entire Abstract workflow — from creating an Organization to merging to Master, and beyond.