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Introducing: Public Sharing

It’s never been easier to collaborate in Abstract.
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Introducing: Public Sharing

Design requires a lot of cross-functional collaboration. Until today, sharing work with stakeholders meant that everyone had to have an Abstract account. But that's not the case anymore.

Public sharing makes collaboration easier, for everyone

Fewer barriers to entry means a more open and transparent design process for all. With our new public sharing feature, you can share Artboards and Collections with your entire team—whether they have an Abstract account or not.  One less hurdle makes it easier for Collaborators—like product managers, developers, and other stakeholders—to view designs and provide the feedback you need to move projects forward, faster.

How much you choose to share is up to you. You can enable All Versions, for example, to show your thinking around how an Artboard has evolved over time. Or, disable All Versions if you want to keep feedback focused. You can also enable Inspect for developers, making it easy for them to get everything they need for implementation with one link, including Assets.

Check out our very first publicly shared Artboard

We’ve created a sample Artboard so that you can see public sharing in action.

For now, you’ll still need to create an account to leave Comments. But, that’s just for now 😉

While this feature is available to all customers, Organization Admins must enable public sharing in the new Sharing settings. There, Admins can also manage and monitor the links your team members are creating. Reach out to your Admin to start sharing.

Learn more about public sharing in our Help Center.

Show off your work

Use public sharing to show your design skills and be sure to follow us on Twitter for real-time updates.