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Speed up design reviews and approvals with Collections

A better way to organize, share, and present your design with Abstract Branches
Speed up design reviews and approvals with Collections

Artboards in your Collections can now be organized into sections. Learn more about creating sections within your Collections.

We’re thrilled to launch a new feature for Teams called Collections.

As a designer you often present your work to stakeholders, colleagues, and clients to get their feedback. Presenting is a critical part of the design process and helps provide context around an experience. We created Collections to provide a flexible way to organize, share, and present your work.

What you can do with Collections

Collections are very versatile, and can be used for a wide variety of use cases:

Presenting to clients or other stakeholders

Create a collection to share a user’s progression — like an onboarding flow — or share a set of design explorations.

Design reviews

Don’t spend hours preparing for design reviews! Quickly put together a Collection to show your team.

Show and tell

Use the presentation mode to show how a certain project evolved over time. Comments and annotations related to any layer in your collection provide context around how and why a design evolved in a specific way.

Here's a short introduction to Collections

How Collections works

Collections live on branches (right next to the Files tab), and you can create as many of them as you like. To add an artboard or symbol to a Collection, simply right-click them and select “Add Artboard to Collection…”.

By default artboards or layers added to a Collection will auto-update as you commit more changes, but you can disable that behavior if you want to focus on specific versions of them in your presentation.

After adding the necessary artboards, the next step is to publish the Collection, making it visible to all the members of your Team. This will also trigger a notification in Slack (learn more about the Abstract Slack integration).

Collections come with a handy Presentation Mode. This hides the Abstract interface, and allows you to focus on your work. Just click on the play icon to go fullscreen. You can still access comments and annotations from this mode.

If you want to share a Collection, easily generate a link from the share icon in the upper right corner. This link will only be accessible to your teammates with access to the project where the collection lives. If it’s a private project, you’ll need to manage access to share with more people.

Learn more about Collections…

Collections are available today for Teams. Let us know what you think, we’d love to hear how your team uses this new feature 😄

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