Compare Mode, open files from web & more

Visually compare changes between two files. Plus, access Sketch files directly from the web app.

Compare Mode, open files from web & more

2017 is almost over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t launch some new features before ringing in the new year 😀. We’ve got 2 big new features, some smaller ones, and the usual mix of bug fixes and performance improvements for you today:

Introducing Compare Mode

After updating to Abstract 0.64.8, you’ll notice there’s a new tab on the artboard detail screen called “Compare”. In this mode, it’s possible to compare an artboard with its previous version, either by looking at them side by side (with synchronized zoom), or by overlaying them on top of each other which highlights the differences. It’s a great way to see what has changed between 2 commits.

In the future we’ll add additional modes to compare changes, and we also have plans to add another tab next to “Compare”.

Open files from web

Over the past couple of months we rolled out our web app which has about 90% of the functionality you find in our desktop app. To make it even better, we just added the ability to open Sketch files without having to leave your browser (if you have Abstract for macOS installed). Just go to the Files tab on any branch, select a file and click “Edit in Sketch”. If you own the branch it will trigger the file to open, if you don’t it’ll ask you to create a new branch or open the file untracked.

Smaller updates worth mentioning

Support for Sketch Runner

We’re huge fans of Sketch Runner, a great plugin which speed up your workflow inside Sketch. Starting with Abstract 0.64.8, you can bring up the commit form in Abstract by triggering Runner (CMD + ') and typing “commit”.

New organization overview layout

We added a horizontal navigation to the organization overview screen and moved Projects and People in their own tabs. They look kinda lonely for now, but will be getting company soon 😉.

Faster preview loading

Like, a lot faster 🏎

Support for Sketch 48

Sketch 48 came with a range of changes and new features, all of which Abstract 0.64.8 now supports.

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December 12, 2017

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