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Introducing downloadable Assets and new enterprise features

We’re making big leaps to round out your design workflow.
Introducing downloadable Assets and new enterprise features

Over the last few years, we’ve been observing a major shift in how designers work together and with collaborators across the aisle. We’ve seen — both from our customers and the industry — a more cross-functional, collaborative, and open approach. Now, more than ever, workflow is a key differentiator between design teams that are efficient, agile, and creative — and those that aren’t.

We’ve doubled down on improving your design workflow by introducing features that allow you to consolidate tools and move work forward, by doing less work. We created Collections to bring stakeholders into the feedback loop and make design reviews more effective. With Review Requests and Comment History, we broke the silos of feedback that gets trapped in disconnected systems and plays out like a game of telephone. We launched Inspect to seamlessly connect the designer and developer workflow.

As companies start to invest more in Design and grow their teams, it becomes harder to manage the number of tools, logins, and projects your teams are working on. That’s why today, we’re launching a series of new features aimed at dramatically improving your team’s ability to move projects forward, faster.

Assets: Closing the loop on “developer handoff” with a single solution

Your toolkit just got sharper. With Assets, developer handoff takes one less step.

Since we launched Inspect, which allows developers to grab the full design specifications they need to implement designs, we knew that the next natural step was to let any Viewer download Assets. Now, developers can do more with one less tool: inspect design files and export the assets needed to implement them, directly from Abstract's macOS and web apps.

How to use Abstract's new Assets feature

As long as the files have been made exportable in Sketch, they’re exportable in Abstract. This includes JPGs, PNGs, SVGs, and all other file types available in Sketch.

By keeping the workflow in Abstract, developers can also be sure that they’re always downloading the latest version of the design, and can view all comments and feedback in one place.

Today, the Assets feature is available for all Organizations on Business and Enterprise plans.

We know that the key to growing your design team and your collective capabilities relies on a consistent, reliable workflow, and we’re committed to making it better and better for you with every release.

Enterprise Single Sign On (SSO) and provisioning

Traditionally, design tools and files have been managed ad hoc with no logins or provisioning. As Design matures and becomes more of a competitive advantage, the tools you use have to be compliant with your company’s security policies.

With Single Sign-On (SSO) and pre-built Okta integration, you not only become compliant, but you also no longer have to remember yet another password for another tool. We’re also launching SCIM, which lets your IT and Admin users provision accounts in bulk and automate account management so they can spend less time manually removing old users and adding new ones. Learn more about SSO, SAML, and SCIM in our Help Center.

Advanced Project organization

Our goal is to enable you and your team to collaborate seamlessly and bring all that work into an organized single source of truth.

As more designers join your team and new stakeholders enter the conversation, organizing Projects becomes a higher priority. With Teams sections, Admins can now group their Organization’s Projects into sections, making them easier to find and manage.

Sections are visible to everyone in your Organization and Projects are sorted alphabetically under each section heading. Learn more about organizing your Projects into sections in our Help Center.

Both Single Sign On and Teams sections are available to our Enterprise customers.

Interested in exploring these new featured for your growing team? Reach out to our sales team!

Adobe Illustrator and XD waitlist

Today we’re also excited to share that we are hard at work on adding Adobe Illustrator and XD support in Abstract. We’ve always believed that the key to a seamless design workflow is breaking down the walled garden of tools.

We’re excited to bring Abstract to more teams and expand use among different kinds of designers — including brand designers. If you’d like to be added to the waitlist and get notified as soon as Illustrator and XD support becomes available, join the waitlist.

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