noun /ˈwebI,nar/

Live and recorded tutorials for those who like to see how it’s done, rather than read the manual.

Recorded Webinars

  1. Abstract 101

    Ready to get started with Abstract? Dive into the basics with this overview of everything from Projects to Branches, Commits, and Collections.

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  2. Design & Developer Handoff in Abstract

    Pass the baton from developer to designer with ease, right from Abstract’s web and macOS apps. Learn how to simplify the handoff process.

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  3. Why Design Needs Version Control

    Abstract CEO Josh Brewer discusses why version control is the foundation and future of scaling design teams, and how it will change the way they collaborate for the better.

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  4. Collections & Design Reviews

    Discover how Abstract’s Collections streamline the review and feedback process with stakeholders and teams of all sizes, enabling transparency and rapid iteration.

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  5. Abstract for Developers & Engineers

    Developers no longer need a separate tool for design handoff. Find out how Abstract makes it easy for developers to work alongside designers to inspect and implement new designs.

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  6. Abstract & Sketch Linked Libraries

    Design systems don’t have to be difficult. Learn how to save time and create a more efficient design process using Abstract and Sketch Linked Libraries.

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