Abstract vs
the Cost of Chaos

Get more real work done with a cleaner, organized way to Design

Time is money, spend yours on real work

On average, Design teams using Abstract report saving 5+ hours per week — per designer. That’s more than *$296,000 worth of time saved annually on busywork like searching for files and folders, and correcting overwritten work.  

Abstract has decreased the amount of time we spend ramping up on new projects by about 20%, particularly in a newly-remote world and with internal and external team members.”
Francesco Vetica | Head of Design
An illustration of work being done in a design tool
An illustration of a prototyping icon, showing Abstract's support for Sketch's hotspots

Cut the costs of extra tools, streamline your workflows

Consolidate your Design stack and drop the collaboration and developer handoff tools costing you extra money. Save *$130,000+ of your annual budget when you bring stakeholder feedback and approvals into Abstract. Plus, another *$13,000 in free Viewer seats for your developers.

Bring new team members up to speed, at speed

Onboard new designers 6X faster when you centralize all of your versions, documentation, and conversations in Abstract. And put that *$7,328 of bandwidth to work — on real work.

It was through the power of Abstract that we were able to architect our design system so that we could feed a Sketch library into all the different libraries that live in Abstract… In an hour, designers can join our ecosystem and instantly start creating experiences that are on-brand and work within our design system.”
Mark Schumacher | Senior Director of Digital Experience
An illustration showing the connections between companies, design files, and projects in Abstract
An illustration showing a conversation happening in Abstract

Stay looped in to the conversation, not out

Emails and DMs are isolated. Abstract is open and transparent. Capture the who, what, why, and when of your Design story in Abstract, and reduce the amount of time you spend explaining decisions.

Ready for a better return on your time?

*Facts and figures are based on an average Design team size of 27 with an average base salary of $87,923 per designer (Source: Glassdoor), and a 1:4 designer to developer ratio. Competitive tooling facts and figures are based on Zeplin organization pricing ($10.75 per seat monthly) and InVision Enterprise pricing ($400 per seat monthly).