Running a resilient, remote design team

Leaders and teams everywhere are facing new realities. To help, we’re sharing a collection of resources to guide you as you adapt to a fully remote and distributed world.

Abstract for remote and distributed teams

From design reviews to feedback and stakeholder approvals, Abstract lets you move work forward with clarity and intention.


Collections & Design Reviews

Discover how Abstract’s Collections streamline the review and feedback process with stakeholders and teams of all sizes, enabling transparency and rapid iteration.

Asynchronous work can happen because designers can pick it up as soon as one leaves the office and the other arrives — on the other side of the world

Allison Shaw

Features to help you establish a centralized source of truth

A built-to-last view of everything everyone is working on, from home offices and across timezones.

See what everyone is working on

Get a real time view of your team’s commits, branches, and comments in the Activity Feed

Share your designs

Conduct virtual design reviews and share work with stakeholders, using Collections
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Capture feedback on the work

With comments and annotations, track every decision so you can say, “We’ve tried that before.”
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