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Notebooks make Design work

Product design is about so much more than the visuals you create. Notebooks connect every step of the design process, so you can collaborate seamlessly.
For you and your
whole team
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Design is [text-gtsuper]Context[text-gtsuper]

Every good idea starts with a doodle, a sketch, or a line jotted down in your notebook. A discovery, a question, an image you saw, or an insight in the shower.

We built Notebooks for all of us to have a place for all our stuff — the entire design process, not just the visuals.


Design is [text-gtsuper]Research[text-gtsuper]

When ideas, questions, and insights demand more consideration, we turn to research to identify the opportunity and learn from customer behaviors.

Notebooks can help you research and develop a brief to better map out the why and how behind the design.


Design is [text-gtsuper]Exploration[text-gtsuper]

Armed with insights, research, and goals, our design exploration has direction. Visual concepts are connected to our learnings and presented as possible solutions, not isolated visual musings.

Notebooks lets us present our diverging ideas and possibilities in context.


Design is [text-gtsuper]Reviewing[text-gtsuper]

Good reviews make great designs, but bad feedback breaks designers. When we can present our work in context, show how we got there, and clarify the problems we're solving, we can get the exact feedback we're looking for—and ultimately unlock better solutions.


Design is [text-gtsuper]Shipping[text-gtsuper]

Designing without shipping is just practice. Seeing the whole process is important, but shipping is essential.

Use Notebooks to work closely with other teams to bring your designs to life, and to market.


Design is [text-gtsuper]Outcomes[text-gtsuper]

As we go through the product design process, our Notebooks fill up. These ideas, sketches, reviews, and collaborations are the outputs of our work, but they’re not what the work is for.

Good design delivers outcomes.

Success metrics listed inside of Notebooks

Deliver outcomes

Change how you work together as a team. Show how you got there, and how our Designs decisions have an impact beyond the visuals.