Virtual Pages

When you use a symbol from a Linked Library, we indicate that the symbol has been used in the Project with a Virtual Page (outlined in pink below). Virtual Pages display these symbols to you in the form Virtual Pages help track the symbol contents of your work at a glance right from Abstract. 

It may look as though a library is “embedded in itself” or duplicated if there is a symbol titled the same as the Library name.

How to remove Virtual Pages

If you no longer use a symbol in your Sketch file, you can remove the Virtual Page from the Project.

To remove a Virtual Page:

  1. Open the Abstract desktop app.
  2. Select the Project with Virtual Pages you’d like to remove.
  3. Select Master from the left side pane.
  4. Click the FILES tab at the top.
  5. Select the symbol you’d like to remove. 
  6. Click EDIT IN SKETCH.
  7. Create a Branch titled something like “Remove [symbol] Virtual Page”.
  8. In Sketch, select the symbol in the left side pane.
  9. In the right side pane in the SYMBOL section, click the down arrow next to the symbol’s name.
  10. Select Organize Imported Symbols….
  11. Select the symbol from the list.
  12. Click the icon.
  13. Select Unlink from Library.
  14. Save and commit changes.

The Virtual Page should be removed.

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