Handoff designs with Inspect

Inspect gives you access to each design’s specs, styles, and code. Stakeholders and developers can access Inspect for any designs you’ve shared with them. You do not need an Abstract account to access Inspect.

How to handoff your designs with Inspect

When you’re ready to handoff designs for implementation, make assets exportable in your designs and share your designs as outlined below.

To handoff your designs with Inspect:

  1. Follow the instructions to share your designs.
  2. In step 6, make sure to choose Anyone with the link and to include the Inspect option. You can also include the Assets option, if applicable.
  3. Copy the link and share it with your stakeholders or developers.

Even if they do not have an account, they will be able to access Inspect, using the instructions below.

How to use Inspect

Showing Inspect tab for a design

Inspect is always available under the Inspect tab for a layer or artboard. If you’ve received designs to review or implement, you can find exact specs using Inspect, even if you don’t have an Abstract account.

To access Inspect:

  1. Navigate to the artboard or layer you’d like to Inspect, either via the Abstract desktop or web app or by clicking on a link you’ve received from a designer.
  2. Select the Inspect tab.

Within Inspect, you can:

  • See a layer tree on the left. You can click a layer in the tree to highlight the layer in pink.
  • Find exact specs on the right.
  • Click any spec to copy it to your clipboard. A confirmation will appear in the bottom left.
  • Click outside the artboard to reveal properties, colors, and typography.
  • Select a layer and then hover over another to reveal the pixel distance between them.
  • Under Inspect options, you can:
    • Toggle Highlight changed values to see what’s changed between versions. You’ll see a small blue triangle to the right of the changed values in the left-hand navigation.
    • Toggle Grid, Layout, or Guides to overlay Sketch’s canvas settings on your Artboards. Please note, these canvas settings must first be enabled in Sketch under View > Canvas > check Show Grid, Show Layout, and Show Rulers.
    • Change the Measurement units and Color format to match your development environment.