The Abstract plugin

When you open Sketch and Adobe XD files through Abstract, the Abstract plugin will appear at the bottom of your Sketch window or in the Adobe XD plugins panel. The plugin is automatically installed when you download the Abstract macOS app.

The Abstract plugin in Sketch

You’ll use the Sketch plugin to commit changes to your Sketch files to Abstract. You can move the plugin by clicking the Abstract logo on the plugin.

Sketch error: Could not connect to Abstract plugin

Occasionally you may see this error when opening Sketch files through Abstract. Sketch introduced a Safe Mode feature when they released version 51. If Sketch crashes, the next time it is opened, it’s in Safe Mode, meaning plugins are disabled.

The Could Not Connect to Abstract Plugin message should resolve if you enable the Abstract plugin in Sketch again (Sketch > Preferences > Plugins). You can also restart both Sketch and Abstract and this should re-enable your plugins.

What to do when Sketch crashes

When Sketch crashes, it could be Abstract, Sketch, or another Sketch plugin.

You can send a crash report to our Support team for help. Use Spotlight to search for this folder and share crashes specifically related to Sketch or Abstract: ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/

The Abstract plugin in Adobe XD

The Abstract plugin in Adobe XD lives in the plugins panel and provides context for the Artboards you’re working on.

#1: Show in Abstract

Select an Artboard, then click Show in Abstract to navigate to the Layer Detail of this particular Artboard in Abstract.

#2: Details

This section provides context on which project and branch you are working from. Click View to navigate to the project or Branch overview in Abstract.

#3: Libraries

Here you can see all the libraries available to this project, including libraries specific to this project as well as libraries linked from other projects.

Click Open next to a library file to open the file and copy / paste components from the file. If you open a library file specific to this project, you’ll be able to make edits to the components from here. If you open a library file linked from another project, the file will open untracked and you will not be able to edit components.

Click View next to a library file to navigate the Files list in the Abstract app. The library file will be highlighted.

#4: Commit changes

After you have saved changes to your Adobe XD file, you’ll be able to commit your changes to Abstract by clicking Commit changes. The quick commit modal will open.

Click More Options to navigate to a fullscreen commit modal in Abstract.