Designer-to-developer handoff, streamlined

Move projects from design to development faster and more efficiently.

Abstract’s Inspect feature with a panel preview of properties, colors, typography, and assets.

Remove the guesswork

Bridge the communication gap between design and development with an intuitive, Git-inspired workflow.

  • Save time coding up-to-date designs

    See design changes and get the most up-to-date redline measurements with version control.

    Abstract’s inspect feature shows measurements and CSS properties of a design
    Abstract’s commit log includes a “go to latest” button, keeps designs up to date
  • Know the context and designer intent

    Commit history, comments, and annotations make it easy to interpret 'the why' behind design decisions.

    A commit message allows designers to add context to every design decision
    A team member gives feedback on a specific design element with an annotated comment
  • Copy code with a single click

    Grab the values you need to implement designs on iOS, Android, React, Flutter, and Web.

    Abstract’s inspect options panel supports multiple color formats for copying code

Save the back and forth

Collect focused feedback, easily compare changes, and export assets.

  • Three ways to compare changes

    View design iterations with side-by-side and overlay comparisons, and structural diffing.

    The layer list in Abstract’s Inspect tool displays an icon on every layer that changed since the previous version
    Side by side comparison view switches to overlay view for a closer look at every change in Abstract
  • One less tool for exporting assets

    Export JPGs, PNGs, SVGs, and other file types directly from the Abstract app.

    Asset export options in Abstract‘s Inspect panel include JPGs, PNGs, and SVGs file types
Design team at the Yelp headquarters collaborate using a large whiteboard wall panel

Abstract helps us really carry the integrity of an agile workflow, where engineers are involved earlier on in the decision making process.

John Salaveria
John Salaveria Product Designer

Minimize your toolkit

Manage your entire designer-to-developer handoff process in one collaboration tool.

  • No More Toggling Between Tools

    Inspect designs, copy code, and download assets without installing software or opening yet another design tool.

    A user downloading assets from the Abstract web application
    A developer using the Abstract web app to inspect styles and copy code as part of the designer to developer handoff process
  • DesignOps integration

    Build off of our SDK to automate processes and integrate Abstract with the productivity and collaboration tools you already use.

    Wix’s web app with activity stream, recently updated Projects, and communication across product teams using Abstract’s SDK
    Wix used the Abstract SDK to build UX FEED: a web app that shows an activity stream, recently updated Projects, and more to communicate across their product teams.