True version control for design teams

True version control for design teams

True version control for design teams

Track the who, what, why, and when of every design decision.

Work together, without overwriting anyone’s files

Collaborate on shared files in individual workspaces. Bring your ideas together when you’re ready.

Design together in parallel

Explore and iterate on the same file at the same time, without altering the original.
A changed file in a Branch doesn’t alter the same file on Master until it’s Merged.
A Master Branch can include several Sketch and Sketch Library files

Show your thinking

Tell the story of your design explorations with Commits for version history with context. It’s like a “super save.”
Abstract’s Quick Commit modal shows a designer committing changes without leaving Sketch
Abstract’s advanced Commit window includes a message tagging another user, and a summary of all the changes since last commit

Bring the best ideas together

Compare changes side-by-side, resolve design conflicts, and merge designs together with precision.
Abstract’s conflict resolution summary lists the items that are not updated automatically
Abstract’s conflict resolution process prompts users to pick which artboard reflects the most recent design decisions

Onboard new designers quickly

Preserve team knowledge and context as teammates come and go with access to the history of every design decision.
Comments in Abstract are attached Commits, preserving the history of every discussion and decision
The Commit log on the Master Branch shows the history of every design decision, plus a detail view for the latest version
Microsoft employees collaborate on a board with sticky notes

Abstract provides our team with a central hub for our design work, helping us manage and maintain design components and files.

Joe Woodward

Product Designer at Microsoft Outlook

Establish your one source of truth

Designate and maintain Master files as your centralized, documented, and always up-to-date designs within every project.

No more “website_final_final_v3”

Merge your edits and updates into one file that includes full design version history and the thinking behind it.
A Master Branch can include several Sketch and Sketch Library files
Activity feed on Master Branch displays the full history of every change to the Master files

Maintain your focus

Remove distractions and get into stride in personal workspaces for dedicated exploration.
A project-level view of Collections in Abstract shows the most recent projects in a focused interface
Active Branches show what each team member is currently focusing on, as well as the status of the work