Design collaboration that doesn’t break at scale

Make better design decisions in Abstract, whether you’re a team of two or 200.

Team members of the project leave feedback on a specific region of the design in Abstract

Manage your design process on one platform

See everything your team is working on and collect feedback where you need it most.

  • Maintain and distribute your design system

    You can Merge two Branches and bring files together in one place or, Merge to Master.

    A design system project in Abstract includes multiple Sketch Libraries as Master files
    A modal with options to choose a Sketch Library file to sync across multiple projects in Abstract
  • Brainstorm in parallel

    Experiment with new ideas side-by-side without overwriting files, and bring them together when you’re ready.

    The Commit history of a Branch called 'Homepage Layout' shows three recent Commit messages that provide context for each design decision
    The overview of a Branch called 'New Photos' shows a Collection called 'Final photo edits for homepage'
  • One less slide deck

    Organize and group your work into Collections that auto-update, so presentations and design reviews always reflect the latest.

    A Collection in Abstract that includes a user comment to solicit feedback from stakeholders
    An image from a Collection is displayed in presentation mode
Zendesk employees discuss a project

Because of Abstract, there is less searching around for that email that got sent, or a Slack message getting lost, because it’s all right on the work itself.

Allison Shaw
Allison Shaw Senior Manager, Design Systems

Bring all your communication together

Stay connected throughout the design process, from ideation to approvals.

  • Gather feedback with context

    Pinpoint specific parts of the design and set expectations for next steps using annotations and commenting.

    A designer pinpoints a specific part of the design using annotations, comment threading, and emoji responses to achieve collaboration
  • Get stakeholder buy-in

    Share and collaborate with stakeholders, using public links and in-app notifications to move projects forward, faster.

    Settings in Abstract allow users to create public share links
    Notifications window in Abstract with mentions and replies to comments from the team
  • Finalize designs with confidence

    Set and adjust project statuses as your work progresses to let your team know when it’s ready for formal review and approval.

    Reviews in Abstract with time stamp and most recent status
    Invitation to collaborate with other team members by requesting review in Abstract