Work on Sketch files without losing anyone’s work

Abstract allows multiple designers to work on the same file without fearing overwritten changes.

Link Sketch and Adobe XD Libraries to distribute shared design elements

Manage your design system using Sketch and Adobe XD Libraries to increase efficiency.

Use and share Libraries across Projects and files to create consistent experiences, across different platforms.

Review change history and version library files to build faster products at scale.

Close the feedback loop with stakeholders and collaborators

Involve and engage stakeholders using public links and in-app notifications to move projects forward, faster.

Work together on shared files in individual workspaces, without overwriting anyone’s work.

Set and adjust project statuses as your work progresses to let your team know when it’s ready for formal review and approval.

Move projects from design to development faster

Give developers direct access to CSS code and the ability to download assets.

Measure layers and distances for any artboard, including symbols.

Review typefaces and colors, and copy CSS in a single click.

Microsoft employees collaborate on a board with sticky notes

Abstract provides our team with a central hub for our design work, helping us manage and maintain design components and files.

Joe Woodward

Product Designer at Microsoft Outlook