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Document design milestones with decisions

New updates in Notebooks help you record, contextualize, and highlight all the design decisions you’ve made along the way
Document design milestones with decisions

The design process is incredibly iterative — whether you are conducting more research, iterating on a button placement, or proceeding with testing as currently designed. Because of design’s adaptive and collaborative process, it can be hard to know when feedback transitions to final approval. Notebooks decisions bring that clarity to the design process.

Add decisions to your notebooks to quickly update stakeholders on the status of your project, summarize the result of synchronous and asynchronous reviews, and get new contributors up to speed on the project through a list of decisions made along the way. 

Record your design decisions 

Notebooks decisions keep a record of your design choices and help maintain alignment as you move forward, no matter how many iterations you go through. Collect and make sense of the decisions made along the way in context of the larger project. 

Identify each decision with a clear title to mark the milestone and add an optional description for more context. That description can contain links to the conversations that led to the decision — whether those are from a review, comment, meeting recording, chat thread, or elsewhere.

Review past decisions to integrate project newcomers and maintain momentum

Visibility into the key design decisions made during the life of a project helps to onboard newly invited team members faster and move towards shipping quicker. Any viewer or contributor of a notebook can familiarize themselves with the project’s past decisions to get a sense of where the project is heading and what led them there, allowing them to start contributing immediately. 

Access a notebook’s decisions in the decision section at the top of a notebook, or quickly navigate to the decision section by selecting the flag icon in the table of contents.

Refer back to the decisions you’ve made along the way

Design isn’t linear and memories aren’t perfect. Seeing your project through the lens of the decisions you’ve made along the way can help to prevent backtracking and redundancies. Keep your team aligned on the “why” of your design decisions by referencing the historical record of decisions. Expand the decision section to view all decisions made, or collapse to simply view the latest.

Also new in Notebooks

In addition to decisions, we’ve released new features to streamline your workflow and keep your projects moving forward in Notebooks. Here are a few of the updates we’ve shipped in the last month:

Notebooks plugin for FigJam

As part of the private beta, we built the Abstract Notebooks FigJam plugin to help you collect and contextualize your live collaboration work.

Bring your workshops, brainstorms, and retros from FigJam into your notebooks. Group your shapes in FigJam, add them to your notebook alongside the context of your project. Seamlessly update your content from FigJam to keep your notebook current.

Public share links

Notebooks are now available to anyone. Clarify your projects and align on goals with anyone on your team using public share links. Viewers and contributors alike can view decisions, add comments, and contribute to reviews.

Collapsable review section

Similar to decisions, you can now expand and collapse the reviews section at the top of your notebooks. The reviews and decisions sections are always found at the top of your notebook, and you can quickly jump back to each section using the table of contents. 

We hope you enjoy these Notebooks updates, let us know what you think on Twitter at @goabstract. Haven’t tried Notebooks yet? Try it for free.

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