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Now available in public beta: Adobe XD file support

Abstract 87 is a giant leap into the future of open design.
Now available in public beta: Adobe XD file support

We have always believed that open design is the future. This future encompasses everything from an open and observable workflow to open source design and tooling. Abstract is the foundation for teams to organically document design discussions, eliminate invisible work, and encourage organized, collaborative design iterations. We’re actively building an ecosystem where product design teams can bring their tools of choice to the table and collaborate using a safe, predictable, and clean workflow. 

As design continues to undergo a massive transformation, we believe that bringing transparency and clarity into the design process is critical to both design operations and ultimately, efficient product delivery. 

Abstract 87 is a big step toward making this future a reality. Today we’re excited to release Adobe XD file support into public beta for all of our customers. Adobe XD files can now be versioned and managed alongside Sketch files in Abstract. With this release, you can now customize Collection orders so they complement design narratives. Plus, we’re hosting a new, live Abstract 101 webinar you won’t want to miss.

Version control, now available for Adobe XD files

Since our Adobe XD integration is still in public beta, your Admin will need to manually enable the integration for your team. Once enabled, your team will have the ability to version and manage Sketch and Adobe XD files alongside each other — in any project or Branch. 

With this public beta, we support the core Abstract workflow for Adobe XD files: 

  • Import, create, and manage files. 
  • Use Branches to collaborate without the messiness of co-editing.
  • Commit changes and Merge stakeholder-approved design work. 
  • Comment and annotate on Artboard previews.
  • Create, reorder, and share Collections. 
  • Send Review Requests to your teammates. 
  • Gather and measure design specs with Inspect.
  • Share Artboard previews using Public Share Links.

Admins in your Organization can enable Adobe XD file support for the entire Organization. Here’s how:

  1. Click Permissions from the left side pane in Abstract. 
  2. Under "Adobe XD file support," click the toggle to enable the beta.
  3. Restart the Abstract desktop app. 

Keep an eye out for additional feature support for Adobe XD files in future releases.  

Tell a better story with Collections reordering

Collections are the storytelling tool of Abstract: they help you communicate to stakeholders and colleagues what happened in your design process, and why. We believe that Collections are critical to “unveiling the curtain” of design to make it more visible to the broader organization. As a result, we’ve made sure to feature Collections prominently in Branch overviews.

With Abstract 87, Branch owners can now reorder their Collections to curate the Branch experience into a design narrative. Simply drag-and-drop each Collection to curate how your work is presented. Reorder Collections to demonstrate chronological progress or share iterations of work to clients or internal stakeholders.

💡Abstract tip: Use Branch summaries to share relevant links and descriptions, using Markdown.

Live: Abstract 101 with Sean Catangui

Join Design Advocate Sean Catangui for our last live webinar of 2019.

Sean, an Adobe XD expert,  will share how teams can version and manage Adobe XD and Sketch files alongside each other, no matter which file type you use. Sean will teach you how Abstract can transform the foundation of your design process. 

Save your seat and get your questions ready — this webinar includes a live Q&A. 

Abstract 101 is ideal for design leaders looking for an introduction to Abstract. Join us Wednesday, December 11, at 9am PST / 5pm GMT.

Scaling a design team in 2020? Our Enterprise Plan includes white-glove account management and tailored onboarding services and is ideal for teams of 10 or more. Contact Sales to learn more about it.

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