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Jump back into your work with Abstract Home

With new updates in Notebooks, you can improve workflows and keep track of your latest designs
Jump back into your work with Abstract Home

Over my career, I’ve worked in both design and product management roles, and experienced the communication challenges between design and PM from both perspectives. One of the more frustrating parts of the designer/PM relationship is the perpetual cycle of asking each other where and when you can look at work in progress, and how to give (or solicit) the most appropriate feedback. Now that there are so many tools involved in the process, it can be tricky to know whether what you’re looking for is in a doc, in Figma or Sketch, or another collaboration tool. 

We created Notebooks to help teams build a process that prioritizes design and keeps all your work and decisions in one place. Now it’s even easier with Abstract Home, a curated starting point where you’ll find the work that’s relevant to you right now, so you can pick up where you left off.

Jump back into your work

Design isn’t linear. Moving from project to project as well as revisiting features that need refinement can lead you to lose track of where you started. With Abstract Home, your most recently viewed notebooks and pressing action items are clearly visible so you can jump back into the work.

Keep track of reviews

Swift reviews can increase a project’s momentum and lead to faster shipping. Abstract Home features your five most recent review requests so you can see where you may be blocking your team. Dive back into a notebook to make comments, request changes, and approve the work. 

You can access all of your reviews from the Reviews tab. From here, you can filter to check on your open reviews, address reviews that need your attention, or reference a completed review for additional context.

Organize and track your notebooks

Abstract Home is designed to be relevant to you. You can sort by status to track your work across projects, or filter by date created or updated for a simple search. Being able to customize your view enables you to work across multiple projects and teams in order of priority. 

Also new in Notebooks

In addition to Abstract Home, we have released new features to streamline your workflow and keep your projects moving forward in Notebooks. Here’s are a few of the updates we’ve shipped in the last month:

Integrated designs

Images and imported designs now behave the same way. Notebooks users can double-click to see the detail view and add comments and annotations to images from inside the notebook. Push your latest design from Figma or Sketch into Notebooks when you’re ready to document your work or get feedback.

Link to Figma 

Designers can now directly link embedded frames from inside their Notebooks to Figma files. Continue working and making changes based on feedback in your notebook, while engineers can also quickly access and inspect designs.

Custom templates

Enterprise organizations can now extend the library of out-of-the-box templates to include custom-built templates that match the needs of their teams and workflows.

Updated viewer permissions

Previously, viewers could only comment within a notebook, which limited the quick collaboration needed between designers and non-design stakeholders. Now, all Notebooks users can leave their feedback in a review.

Resolve comments 

As a Notebooks contributor, you can now resolve individual comments made by yourself or others that do not require further conversation on the comment thread within a notebook or on images. 

Copy and paste images to Notebooks  

Common shortcuts for copying and pasting (Cmd + C and Cmd + V) and right click to copy and paste now works for images within a notebook.                           

We hope you enjoy these Notebooks updates, let us know what you think on Twitter at @goabstract. Haven’t tried Notebooks yet? Try it for free. Looking for info on Branches? We’ll be sharing an update soon!

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