Join the public beta: Adobe XD support now available with Abstract

Abstract centralizes design decisions, feedback, files, and specs. We started with support for Sketch files. Now, we can support your Adobe XD files, too. More file types = fewer silos. Sign up for a free, 14-day trial to access the public beta.

Abstract plugin inside Adobe XD

What Abstract features are included in the Adobe XD public beta?

With this public beta, we support the core Abstract workflow for Adobe XD files:

  • Import, create, and manage files.
  • Use Branches to collaborate without the messiness of co-editing.
  • Commit changes and Merge stakeholder-approved design work.
  • Comment and annotate on artboard previews.
  • Create, reorder, and share Collections.
  • Send Review Requests to your teammates.
  • Gather and measure design specs with Inspect.
  • Share artboard previews using Public Share Links.

Keep an eye out for additional feature support for Adobe XD files in future releases.

How do I enable the Adobe XD public beta in Abstract?

Since our Adobe XD integration is still in public beta, your Admin will need to manually enable (or disable) the integration for your Organization. Once enabled, your team will have the ability to version and manage Sketch and Adobe XD files alongside each other — in any project or Branch. Here’s how:

  • Click Permissions from the left-hand navigation of Abstract on web or desktop.
  • Under “Adobe XD beta,” click the toggle to enable the beta.
  • Restart the Abstract desktop app.

You and all Contributors on your team can now add Adobe XD files to your projects as normal.

Do you support Windows with this release?

At this time, the Abstract desktop app will continue to be for MacOS only. Our web app supports all operating systems for viewing design work, leaving comments and annotations, gathering design specs with developer handoff, responding to Review Requests, and the Activity Feed.

Do I have to be a current Abstract customer to access the public beta?

We’ve opened Adobe XD file support to new and existing customers through a public beta program. You do not have to be a current customer to have access to the public beta program, though you do have to sign up for a free 14-day trial.