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Abstract enterprise customers: Docusign, Instacart, Microsoft, Pandora, Wayfair, Wix, Yelp, and Zendesk’ logosAbstract enterprise customers: Docusign, Instacart, Microsoft, Pandora, Wayfair, Wix, Yelp, and Zendesk’ logos

Being able to automatically merge changes from different contributors into a single file is pure magic.

Kevin Smith
Visual Design Lead for Momentum Design System at Cisco

If Abstract didn’t exist, I would cry super ugly tears.

Allison Shaw
Senior Manager, Design Systems at Zendesk
Two Salesforce product designers turn to each other in discussion

We’re able to jump in and out of projects with more context, and fewer questions.

Laura Cruickshanks

Senior Product Designer at Salesforce

Future-proof your design team

Scale your design workflow, as your team grows

An overview of a Branch shows a summary of the work being done, as well as three additional active Branches where teammates are collaborating.
Abstract interface showing the Commit history of a project, where every change is captured and documented.
A screen in Abstract shows a timeline of changes that have been merged to Master—a single source of truth for design files.
Collaborate in individual workspaces and maintain explorations for yourself and your team.
Document and capture the process as you go.
Bring only what’s in scope into a centralized Master file.

Bring visibility into the design process

Don’t wait for formal design reviews: bring stakeholders into the design process early.
Share and present work with a single link that’s always up-to-date.
Centralize feedback requests and formal approvals.
A design manager gives feedback by annotating a specific section of a design, and some additional teammates comment in Abstract.
A Collection in Abstract that shows a curated group of designs, ready to be shared with stakeholders.
A list of notifications shows a design manager approving a project, highlighting Abstract’s review requests feature.

Developer handoff that’s actually easy

The Inspect tab in Abstract shows measurements, properties, and CSS styles of a design.
A view of the Inspect tab that highlights an option to download assets as SVG or PNG.
The Compare tab shows the latest version of an artboard next to its previous version to highlight changes.
View the most up-to-date measurements with version control.
Download assets, without another tool. (Sketch only)
Get insight into feasibility and development lift early.

Bring teams together

Abstract gets better with friends. 
The more cross-functional teams collaborate in Abstract, the faster and more efficiently they can build and ship products.
  • Multiple screens from Abstract’s interface showing a history of changes and an annotated comment on a design.

    Product Designers

    Work in tandem, gather feedback in context, save every exploration.
  • A portion of the reviews interface in Abstract, showing various projects as approved, in review, or with changes requested.

    Design Managers

    See who’s working on what, at any given time.
  • The Master overview screen in Abstract shows Sketch and Adobe XD files.

    Design Ops

    Operationalize design and streamline tooling.
  • A section of the Branch overview screen shows a summary, with links to a JIRA ticket and Github issue.

    Product Managers

    Share product insights and keep track of development.
  • Abstract’s inspect feature shows measurements and CSS properties of a design.


    Waste less time implementing outdated designs.
  • Activity feeds in Abstract include updates about commits, branch statuses, review requests, and more.

    Executive Stakeholders

    Gain visibility into design decisions and progress.
  • As Contributors in Abstract, Content Strategists are able to directly edit copy in design files, then commit their work for review.

    Content Strategists

    Get embedded in design, update copy, document content strategy.

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