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We centralize design decisions, feedback, Sketch files, and specs for your team.

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Version control for Sketch files

Stop relying on creative file-naming conventions. Abstract removes the friction of managing your team’s growing Sketch design files. It’s not just version control; it’s source control you can trust.

Abstract provides our team with a central hub for our design work, helping us manage and maintain design components and files.

Joe Woodward Senior Product Designer

One place to collaborate with stakeholders

Never rely on email or Slack for sharing design files, redlines or soliciting feedback again. Abstract makes it easy to collaborate with fellow designers, engineers, and other stakeholders.

Because of Abstract, there is less searching around for that email that got sent, or a Slack message getting lost, because it’s all right on the work itself.

Allison Shaw Senior Manager, Design Systems
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Developer handoff, streamlined

Move projects from design to development faster and more efficiently. See design changes and get the most up-to-date redline measurements and assets with version control.

Abstract helps us really carry the integrity of an agile workflow, where engineers are involved earlier on in the decision making process.

John Salaveria Product Designer
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