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Notebooks make design work.

Finally, there's a space to explain your work, manage feedback, and measure what matters.

Do less busy work. Get more alignment.

Spend less time updating your team on the reasoning and status of your designs, and get back to building impactful products. Notebooks make the design process make sense to others.

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67% of designers report that “bringing visibility to the team’s work” is a challenge.

(State of Design Report, 2021)

For every step of the design journey.

Kick off new design projects, present your concepts for feedback, and evolve your designs in real time, all within the context that your stakeholders need.

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Take charge of the whole design process.

Zero in on what you want to discuss — and the feedback you want to collect — to make the path forward clear. Say goodbye to drive-by comments and opinions masquerading as facts.

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50% of designers see integrating workflows with stakeholders as critical to success. Notebooks connects your work to the people and teams who you need feedback from most.

(State of Design Report, 2021)

Ready to try Notebooks?

Design has an impact beyond the visuals. Translate your outputs to outcomes. Share your Design decisions made along the way and seamlessly connect with the teams that got you there.

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